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Cafe Terrace At Night Framed Canvas

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The Cafe Terrace At Night is considered one of Van Gogh's most remarkable works of art; all lines of the composition point directly to the center of the painting, drawing you into the piece. This canvas fine art replica will provide you the experience of the original, recreating in amazing detail the brushstrokes of the original, thus surpassing most reproductions available on the market today.

Approximately 4 inches wide, the clean lines of the Merlot frame direct the eye to the focal point of the art. The stunning color of the frame, similar to a rich merlot wine, works with any home dicor. Unlike the starkness of black, Merlot adds a richness designed to work with any furniture style. Frame includes a linen liner with a matching fillet.

This framed canvas is being custom built for you. Please allow 5 business days for the product to leave our warehouse.

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Cafe Terrace At Night Framed Canvas


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