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The Cardplayers Framed Canvas by Cezanne

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Regarded as one of the founders of modern art, Cezanne had an undeniable talent for capturing his subjects and achieving a unique treatment of space, mass, and color. In the late 1870's, Cezanne entered a constructive phase, characterized by the grouping of parallel, hatched brushstrokes in formations that build up a sense of mass. He continued in this style until the early 1890's, when, in his series of paintings titled Card Players (1890-92), the upward curvature of the players' backs creates a sense of architectural solidity and thrust. Masculine colors and composition take the viewer back to a simpler time of life.

Our canvas fine art replicas surpass most reproductions available in the market today. Each canvas is recreated in amazing detail so that even the subtlest brushstroke becomes vibrant. Artist-grade canvas is hand-stretched over wooden stretcher bars by skilled artisans and hand coated with protectants to insure archival properties.

Approximately 4 inches wide, the clean lines of the Merlot frame direct the eye to the focal point of the art. The stunning color of the frame, similar to a rich merlot wine, enhances any home decor. Unlike the starkness of black, Merlot adds a richness designed to work with any furniture style. The Merlot frame includes a sculpted linen liner.

This framed canvas is being custom built for you. Please allow 5 business days for the product to leave our warehouse.

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The Cardplayers Framed Canvas by Cezanne


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