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Da Vinci - Vitruvian Man Framed Canvas

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An ancient Roman architect, Vitruvius, wrote a series of books on architecture. In one of the volumes he states the human body is the model of perfection. Vitruvius justifies this by stating that the human body, with arms and legs extended, fits into the perfect geometric forms, the circle, and the square.

This fragment of the philosophy of Pythagoras seized the imagination of the Renaissance. Many artists tried to illustrate this divine relationship, but with varying success. It took the genius of Leonardo da Vinci to solve the problem. Leonardo started by drawing a perfectly proportioned man and then found the circle and square in the figure. Vitruvius states the measurements of the human body are as follows: 4 fingers make 1 palm; 4 palms make 1 foot; 6 palms make 1 cubit; 4 cubits make a man's height. Four cubits make one pace and 24 palms make a man. The length of a man's outspread arms is equal to his height and so on.

This re-creation of the celebrated Vitruvian Man brought to life by da Vinci includes a sculpted frame with gentle engravings designed to emphasize the art. The frame also includes a wooden liner with a subtle fillet. The frame color is a merlot with rich walnut undertones.

Our canvas fine art replicas surpass most reproductions available in the market today. Each canvas is recreated in amazing detail so that even the subtlest brushstroke becomes vibrant. Artist-grade canvas is hand-stretched over wooden stretcher bars by skilled artisans and hand coated with protectants to insure archival properties.

This Framed Canvas is being custom built for you. Please allow 5 business days for the product to leave our warehouse.

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Da Vinci - Vitruvian Man Framed Canvas


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