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Cezanne Still Life Framed Canvas Collection

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Regarded as one of the founders of modern art, Cezanne had an undeniable talent for the treatment of space, mass, and color. Though he has produced no school, he has given impulse directly or indirectly to almost every new movement since he died. Cezanne is richer in suggestive content than one might suppose and committed to the canvas a great span of perception and mood. Cezanne's work gives us the joy of beautiful painting.

This Collection includes Still Life, Apples and Oranges, and Still Life with Fruit Basket. These selections clearly express Cezanne's concept of the grand in the weight and complexity of variation. Rich in tone, complex in composition, it is easy to see why Cezanne is such a revered master.

All three pieces include a sculpted frame with gentle engravings designed to emphasize the art. The frames also include a wooden liner with a subtle fillet. The frame color is black and a rich antique gold as an accent and wood liner.

Our canvas fine art replicas surpass most reproductions available in the market today. Each canvas is recreated in amazing detail so that even the subtlest brushstroke becomes vibrant. Artist-grade canvas is hand-stretched over wooden stretcher bars by skilled artisans and hand coated with protectants to insure archival properties.

This framed canvas collection is being custom built for you. Please allow 5 business days for the product to leave our warehouse.

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Cezanne Still Life Framed Canvas Collection


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