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Metal Bar Stools

Furniture Brains presents this in conjunction with the Buying Barstools online catalog. They carry a comprehensive line of discount bar stools for everything from your kitchen counter or outdoor patio to the billiard hall or pub down the street. They offer a "Price Match Guarantee", which allows you to buy with total confidence on their site.Looking for a specific material? Metal, Wooden, Leather, Rattan or even a Bamboo Bar Stool? Looking for a specific style? Traditional, Retro, or Contemporary? They have a dedicated staff of customer service experts can not only find you the perfect barstool, they can answer even the most specific questions about all of our stools.

Bordeaux Swivel Bar Stool

Macinac Swivel Bar Stool in Matte Black

Midtown Swivel Bar Stool in Dark Cherry

Montello Swivel Bar Stool in Old Steel

West Palm Swivel Bar Stool in Burnished Brown

Rooster Swivel Bar Stool in Country Beige

Scottsdale Swivel Bar Stool in Brown Rust

Tierra Mar Swivel Bar Stool in Desert Tan

Ambrosia Swivel Bar Stool

Bordeaux Metal Bar Stool

Camelot II Swivel Bar Stool in Black Gold

Carolina Swivel Bar Stool

Cottage Swivel Bar Stool in Rubbed Black

Cottage Swivel Bar Stool in Rubbed White

Bordeaux Backless Bar Stool

Lincoln Backless Bar Stool

Bristol Bar Stool in Black

Hudson Bar Stool - 30"

Scottsdale Backless Bar Stool

Odessa Bar Stool

Pompei Bar Stool

Lany Swivel Bar Stool

Chrome & Black Bar Stool

Chrome & Blue Bar Stool

Chrome & Red Bar Stool

Bristol Bar Stool in Blue

Bristol Bar Stool in Red

LEM Bar Stool in Black

Julio Bar Stool in Black

Delta Bar Stool in Blue

Kappa Bar Stool in Blue

Mu Bar Stool in Red

Omicron Bar Stool in Black

Ro Bar Stool in Black

Tribecca Bar Stool

Soho Bar Stool

Resitante Bar Stool in Black

Resitante Bar Stool in White

Fields Bar Stool in Black

Clara Bar Stool

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