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Park B. Smith Ultra Loop Bath Rugs (Set of 2)-White

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Loop construction gives these luxurious bath rugs an exceptionally soft touch.

  • Made of 100-percent cotton
  • Comfortable, multi-textured design
  • Available in your choice of linen or white
  • Set includes one large mat (24 in. x 40 in); one smaller mat (20 in. x 30 in.)
  • Machine washable (tumble dry)
Note: Use care when removing the dimensions sticker from the rugs. Using excess force when removing the sticker may cause damage to the rug; pulling it off gently alleviates this problem.

Due to the character of this rug, lining may occur after the initial washing. Please cut any spouts, do not pull. This will not affect the look or wear of your rug.


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Park B. Smith Ultra Loop Bath Rugs (Set of 2)-White


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