Anthropologie vs. Arhaus

Whats the Difference Between These Two Brands?

Anthropologie and Arhaus are popular furniture retailers specializing in high-end furnishings for the entire home. While both brands offer a wide variety of products, these vendors differ in style, delivery and warranty options. Researching the main differences between Anthropologie and Arhaus can help you decide which brand is right for you.


For a whole-house selection of furniture and decor, Anthropologie and Arhaus provide an extensive online and in-store shopping experience. However, the number of physical stores varies between both brands, making it more convenient for some patrons to shop online.


Founded in 1992 by parent company Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie operates over 200 physical locations throughout the U.S., U.K. and Canada. In addition to a large furniture collection, customers can enjoy the brand’s clothing and beauty products at mall locations. Some dedicated stores also feature small shops, cafes and indoor dining.


Established in 1986 and headquartered in Boston Heights, OH, Arhaus has about 70 store locations in over 25 states. Among the leading retailers of fine furnishings, the brand designs and sells inventory in malls and freestanding stores. Many Arhaus locations arrange their storefronts to highlight local markets, trends and influences.


Ensuring your new furniture meets your standards is important, and warranties provide that peace of mind. When comparing Anthropologie and Arhaus, you’ll want to understand how each brand handles product warranties and protection plans.


If available, Anthropologie customers can take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty to cover issues such as defects in construction and assembly. However, Anthropologie does offer a 60-day return period for many online and in-store orders, though some restrictions apply.


Arhaus offers limited warranties on products for the living room, bedroom, outdoor patio and more. These plans vary between 3, 5 and 10 years, depending on the product. Additionally, Arhaus offers supplemental protection plans for additional coverage. Most warranty plans cover defects in construction, materials and assembly for items like:

  • Sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottomans
  • Recliners, gliders and swivel chairs
  • Wood and metal indoor furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Outdoor furniture and fabrics


Whether you choose Anthropologie or Arhaus, each brand offers high-quality furniture in a range of styles. While there is some aesthetic overlap, both companies offer a distinct catalog of products to suit individual tastes.


Anthropologie offers a versatile range of styles for the home. Patrons can browse mid-century modern sofas for the den and living room, live-edge wood beds for the guest room and dining tables with tropical accents for a coastal theme. Also, Anthropologie has a selection of wall art, lighting and other decor to complete nearly any look.


Favoring eclectic, boho and world market-style furniture, customers enjoy the brand’s wide variety of distinct offerings. Arhaus sells items like cabinets and buffet tables inspired by traditional Chinese designs, nightstands with distressed wood details and mixed-material bookshelves for industrial spaces. Like Anthropologie, Arhaus has an extensive decor catalog, including rugs, mirrors and lamps.


Both Anthropologie and Arhaus offer shipping and delivery services for their customers, though each brand has different price points, location restrictions and assembly fees that vary based on location and availability.


Some Anthropologie products are eligible for unlimited furniture delivery at a flat rate. Customers who enroll in the loyalty program receive free shipping on orders over a specific amount, though express shipping requires an additional fee. Anthropologie also offers convenient in-store and collection point pickup for customers looking to customize their shipment.


For large furnishings, Arhaus offers unlimited White Glove delivery to local, extended and national delivery areas. Items such as decor, lighting and small furniture arrive through package carriers at standard, expedited and express rates. Many individual Arhaus products also qualify for free shipping that automatically applies during checkout.


Anthropologie and Arhaus customers can take advantage of exclusive sales and discounts through in-store and online promotions. Additionally, Anthropologie loyalty program customers enjoy members-only specials and early access to new items, and Arhaus patrons who sign up for an Arhaus credit card receive reward dollars on qualifying purchases.

Is Anthropologie or Arhaus Right for You?

Both luxury furniture brands offer a catalog of high-quality pieces that appeal to fashion-minded shoppers. Deciding between Anthropologie or Arhaus ultimately comes down to what’s important to you, so choose the one that best addresses your specific style, budget and delivery needs.