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The future of selling or buying furniture on the internet is still very unclear. The majority of the furniture manufacturers and traditional furniture retailers believe that this process will be limited by the need to actually touch and experience the product prior to purchase. However, there are an increasing number of sites that offer good values and good service via internet purchasing. The purpose of this page is to provide points to consider prior to your purchase. Eventually this site will contain our critical reviews of various furniture sites we have researched on the web. At this point, we do not discourage you to consider the internet as a means of purchase but suggest you consider the following points carefully before you buy.

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What happens if I don't like the furniture or the quality?
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Who is the manufacturer of the furniture?
What are the construction features of the furniture?
What payment options or financing terms are available?
What is the privacy policy regarding my personal information?
Tell me about the security of the site.
Is there a manufacturers warranty or additional warranty from the online merchant?
If I decide to return an item, what are the procedures and is there a cost?