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What is an E-Book and how does it work?

An E-Book is a book that is downloaded to your computer directly from the author. E-Books allow you to gain instant information without the hassle of waiting for shipment and delivery of a physical book. E-Books can be used over and over again. (no more bent pages or torn covers) The cost of an E-Book is generally far less than the hard copy version. The author of an E-Book does not incur the high overhead costs of printing and distributing hard copy books. Most E-Books offer happiness guarantees to insure you are happy with the book.

Home Decorating Made Easy This is the most complete book we have found yet! Looking for a complete decorating solution? This super value collection of 4 eBooks covers it all. In addition to the step-by-step decorating guide, three separate volumes are dedicated to walls, windows and do-it-yourself home decor crafts.
The Decorating Bible A how to ebook about decorating your home or office. This is by far one of the easiest books to download and use. The information is well organized and easy to understand.
Your Complete Guide to Interior Design Many people believe that Interior Design takes a substantial amount of time, money and professional assistance. The truth is that you can make your home beautiful by just knowing where to place the items you already own. "Where Do I Put The Sofa?", is a short compilation of steps that will guide you through a simple process to make every room in your home the most beautiful it can be.

This system is easy, fun and quick. In a matter of minutes you can determine the optimum placement of your furniture pieces-whether you will be adding new, or using furniture you already have. All you need is a dozen self-adhesive bows (used for wrapping presents), a spool of ribbon (any color will do), a roll of tape and a pair of scissors. It’s easy and you’ll be so proud to say you did it all by yourself.

Designing on a Budget Learn how to decorate and design on a dime! This budget interior decorating book will show you how to decorate cheap, for a fraction of retail prices! Includes everything you need to start your budget design project right away!

Interior Design For The Do-it Yourselfer A Powerful Step By Step Guide To The Home Of Your Dreams! Easy To Follow Instructions Will Have Your House Transformed Into A Home In No Time.