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Furniture Brains presents from Home Decorators. Home Decorators Collection features merchandise for the home including home decor, home office furniture and area rugs. Over the past seventeen years, customers have come to trust Home Decorators Collection as the best place to shop for high-quality and exceptionally priced furniture and home decor merchandise.Shop our collection of rugs, bar stools, bookshelves, tv stands, outdoor cushions, bathroom vanities and so much more. We also offer a variety of bookcases, storage benches, computer desks and file cabinets to help organize your space. Main index of all Home Decorators Collection categories.

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Autumn Floral Hand-Woven Tapestry 76"hx49"w black


Bird and Fountain Hand-Woven Tapestry 70"hx94"w multi


Palisade Hand-Woven Tapestry 77"hx108"w multi


Braided Ficus Tapestry 57"hx41"w multi


Column Milieu Hand-Woven Tapestry 70"hx50"w multi


Old World Flower Tapestry 55"hx76"w multi


Nest and Floral with Border Hand-Woven Tapestry 72"hx53"w multi


Asian Palm Tapestry 60"hx59"w multi


Old World Medallion Tapestry 74"hx52"w multi


Old World Urn with Ladies Tapestry 75"hx51"w multi


Urn and Lion Tapestry 48"hx37"w multi


Medium Garden Steps Gazebo Tapestry medium multi


Medium Paradise Floral Tapestry medium multi


Large Paradise Floral Tapestry large multi


Urn with Lion's Head Tapestry large multi


Urn and Lioness Tapestry 48"hx37"w multi


Large Garden Steps Gazebo Tapestry large multi


Medium Vendure Chateau Tapestry medium multi


Castle Comforts Hand-Woven Tapestry 79"hx91"w multi


Floral Balcony Hand-Woven Tapestry 65"hx90"w multi


Flemish Bouquet Tapestry 58"hx42"w multi


Old World Crest Tapestry 72"hx51"w multi


Asian Palm and Gatherers Tapestry 88"hx59"w multi


Statue Border Hand-Woven Tapestry 58"hx42"w multi


Draped Floral Urn Hand-Woven Tapestry 58"hx25"w multi


Old World Urn with Lions Tapestry 75"hx51"w multi


Versailles Hand-Woven Tapestry 73"hx59"w multi


Blossom with Fringe Hand-Woven Tapestry 82"hx55"w multi


Bouquet Alfresco Tapestry 65"hx57"w multi


Generous Blooms Tapestry 66"hx50"w multi


Draped Fruited Urn Hand-Woven Tapestry 58"hx25"w multi


Exotic Birds with Column Hand-Woven Tapestry 72"hx36"w multi


Nest and Floral Hand-Woven Tapestry 59"hx42"w multi


Picturesque Violin Hand-Woven Tapestry 93"hx78"w multi


Exotic Birds with Pedestal Hand-Woven Tapestry 72"hx36"w multi


Palm and Bird Tapestry 57"hx41"w multi


Urn with Ladies Tapestry large multi


Large Vendure Chateau Tapestry large multi

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Space Planning & Furniture Arranging Kits - Color Planning- How to Buy Books - Wood, Metal, Leather Care Product


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