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Remington Bronze Statue Coming Thru the Rie

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Enhance your home with the untamed grace of the Coming Thru the Rie bronze Remington reproduction statue.

Made using the Lost Wax Method, the Coming Thru the Rie statue is composed of a copper and tin mixture, which protects the piece from rust. The beautiful marble base features a plate with the name of the artist and the statue engraved on it. The artist, Frederic Remington (1861-1909), was first considered a painter, but later in his life his bronze sculptures were so extremely well done that he is today known for his sculptures more than his paintings.

Remington started his career as a sculptor in 1895. This is when his first sculpture titled The Bronco Buster was announced. Remington produced around twenty different sculptures during his short-lived career. He used the Lost Wax Method for his castings, a method dated back to early Roman times.

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Remington Bronze Statue Coming Thru the Rie


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