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Handmade Wide Rimmed Glass Decor Bowl

FurnitureBrains in conjunction with Overstock.com presents this item.
Combining age-old techniques with a modern interpretation, the artist intersperses a unique array of color in the Handmade Wide Rimmed Glass Decor Bowl.

  • Handmade of glass
  • Swirls of blended warm colors in opaque glass
  • Bowl measures approximately 17.75 inches wide
Creating beautiful works of glass is its own exquisite art form. The techniques used often involve carefully guarded secrets and great attention to detail. Glass art of this nature requires a highly skilled artisan.

This selection comes from the region in Shandong where the art of porcelain, ceramics and glass making has been prized for centuries. Long admired for their glassmaking techniques, glass masters come to train here from all over the world.

Since each piece is created individually by hand, slight variations add to its unique character.

Please allow 5 business days for your Handmade Glass to leave our warehouse.

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Handmade Wide Rimmed Glass Decor Bowl


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