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Twin Cobra Ninjas Swords

FurnitureBrains in conjunction with Overstock.com presents this item.
Do you like Ninjas and Cobras? Well who doesn't? This Twin Cobra Ninja puts both worlds together for a truly unique edged weapon.

The swords fit into one solid wood scabbard; the scabbard in itself is impressive as it has a black cobra steel end caps. The huge black cobra handles have a flat edge on the inside so the cobras sit back to back in the scabbard. It is a precise snug fit and both swords can be drawn simultaneously to slay your enemies or just to impress your friends at the next Magic The Gathering Match.

Overstock.com has a million hit-points and maximum charisma.

Please Note: This item is not a weapon and is for decorative use only. You must be 18 years of age or older to order from us. Purchaser is responsible for complying with local, state, and federal laws as they apply to the items purchased and Overstock.com makes no claim as to the legality of purchasing, possessing, or carrying any specific item sold via this web site (particularly bladed objects). Purchaser assumes all responsibility for loss, damage or injury resulting from the misuse of an item and agrees to indemnify and hold seller harmless from any related claims.

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Twin Cobra Ninjas Swords


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