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Michael Kenna

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A misty, damp fog envelops you as you stare at the Pont des Arts as captured in this black and white photographic print.

The esteemed Michael Kenna takes you to a serene morning in Paris with this black and white print of the pedestrian Pont des Arts. Captured in the water are the quiet reflections of this early 19th century bridge. With the fog rolling in, the sun abandons any attempt to portray the texture of the hard iron bridge or of the chill water creating an ideal setting for any photographer wishing to produce a soft image. Double-matted in white and pure white, the black satin 1.25-inch wood frame accentuates the dark reflections of the powerful legs of the bridge reaching deep into the river.

Stroll along the Parisian riverside every day with this beautiful black and white print.

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Michael Kenna


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