HONBAY Dark Grey 2 Pc Convertible Living Room Set w/ Storage Ottoman

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This tufted Honbay sectional set comes in grayish blue fabric and has a classy contemporary look.It features a quality sofa frame made of solid wood.   The cushions have hook and loop fasteners along with interior pocket coils and serpentine springs. Two storage ottomans are included (large and small) with hydraulic rods for easy opening and closing.  Comfy and affordable.

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  • 4 Seater Sectional
  • 2 Storage Ottomans


  • Dark Grey


  • Contemporary


  • Soft & durable fabric
  • Solid wood frame
  • Cushions have pocket coils and serpentine springs.


  • Comes with a small and large storage ottomans
  • hydraulic rod provides support for opening and closing lid or top of ottoman

Detail Design:

  • Gold colored nail heads (rivets) along the face of the couch and ottoman
  • Hook and loop design keeps cushions in place.


  • Convertible Sofa Size: 101.6”*50”*33.5”(L*W*H)
  • Sofa Capacity: 660 LBS.
  • Ottoman Size:34.7″*23.6″*17.7″(L*W*H).
  • Ottoman Capacity: 440 LBS.


  • Ships in 4 boxes.

Additional information

Dimensions 17.7 × 33.5 cm

‎189 pounds


‎101.6 x 17.7 x 33.5 inches














Storage Ottoman






Storage Pocket

10 reviews for HONBAY Dark Grey 2 Pc Convertible Living Room Set w/ Storage Ottoman

  1. NinaG.

    Good looking and reasonably pricedDespite some confusion with delivery, the couch and ottoman look great. I only wish that the cushion pillows will eventually fluff up completely (they were squished for packaging).

  2. Russell Marco

    Not very comfy, but smallWe have had this sectional for about 3 months. Shipping and assembly were good and structurally solid, if you don’t abuse. It’s small enough to fit in our formal living room as well, but it’s definitely more art than functional. It’s very firm and the low back reviews are on point. If you don’t expect this to be a movie couch, your likely ok. Otherwise spend a little more and try some floor models in your neighborhood furniture store instead. It will be OK for where we have it, but this would never do in the movie room.

  3. Travis Strah

    Works great for what it is.Buying mail order furniture, you just have to expect that they are not the furniture your parents or grand-parents had. They are going to be light for shipping, and not as stable to make it easier to put together.This is a great couch for a household without kids. I don’t give this couch one week in a house full of rambunctious kids. You ever remember jumping on to the couch for fun? Full face plant in the pillows? Maybe jump on to your sister or brother? That will break the back of this couch very easily, but it’s not the fault of this couch.Whether you get the ottoman with or without the tray, it has a storage area in it. You just decide if you want it to have the shocks to hold it open, or whether it’s a lid with a tray on one side, and cushions on the other.Also, the “Chais lounge” side is really just a smaller, independant ottoman with storage space in it. So you get a regular and jumbo size ottomans with this couch.The tray is nice, though it came with some indentations from shipping, but don’t think you can use it as a dinner table. The tray has fabric all around it, and its way too easy to spill or drop food on the cushion.The smell is still lingering weeks later. They say stick it in the sun for a day, but that’s assuming you have sun, and a place to put your full couch outside for the day, and the desire to move it in and out. That’s not very realistic. But this is not the fault of the manufacturer. It’s just the reality of mail order furniture.It’s pretty firm but comfortable. I spend a lot of time on it, and put the large cushion in the middle where I sit, otherwise the two small cushions can be a little uncomfortable. I can see the fabric will stretch and the cushions will become misshapen on the edges. Without the velcro I have to constantly adjust it. With the velcro they stay, but the cushion is becoming misshapen after a month of use.

  4. Joanne Farinas

    It’s not that comfortable, very thin cushionsThis couch was delivered over a period of 4 days, the price wasn’t bad, perfect for an apartment but not too comfortable. The cushions are very thin.

  5. LB

    I was skeptical but glad I bought this couch!I have a small home with pets so I didn’t want to pay a lot nor did I want to wait months for it to be delivered. It arrived fairly quickly in several beat up boxes but was well packaged and went together fast and easily. It’s sturdy and well made. We love it! Plus it’s versatile with a moveable chase with storage and with the ottoman you can make a big area to sprawl out on or flip the ottoman cushion with the tray and it becomes a table. We are good sized people and we all comfortably fit, dog and cats included. We’ve had it for over two months and so far so good. After purchasing couches from furniture stores and having to wait months for it, this couch is just as good if not better made. Time will tell but so far I’m impressed.

  6. C.Ritt

    Looks greatI looked for months for a new couch.1. I’m not one to commit to a piece of furniture for life. I know at some point the thing is going to deteriorate. It’s life. Plus we all know “things aren’t made how they used to be” So I was looking for something that would last me 3-5 years.2. Due to the above, I’m not going to dump thousands of dollars into a piece.3. I still want something handsome and looks great.This couch, as soon as I saw it I got it.It arrived in several boxes that were easy to manage and open for assembly.I’m not a fan of parts of the couch detaching(ottomans, back pillows) I think over time it makes the couch wear and tear faster but again, points 1 and 2 above make this tolerable. The manufacturer does make effort by putting Velcro on the back of the pillows, it’s weak though. I may have to reinforce with some stronger stuff.Overall very pleased with the couch. It fits our family and our living room. Would highly recommend!!

  7. beverly hernandez

    It’s. meh. Could be lots better. Could be worse. Not a sofa to comfortably lounge onI wanted to wait a few weeks before giving an honest review of this sofa. I think it’s easiest to just do pros and cons. To start this off please know hubby and I are both big people and we live full time in a destination trailer Rv. Ok here goes.ProsWith prime shipping it came 4 days after ordering. Way before the estimated delivery. Came 3 boxes one day and the 4th box came next day.Extremely easy to put together.Lightweight to move and great size for my hubs me and our dogs.Fabric is decent not horrible but def not amazing. I keep the entire couch covered all times.ConsThis couch is not soft and cozy to lay on. The springs do dig into your back and ribs on the far left side of the couch. I use lots of f extra pillows to lay down when you want to stretch out. That being said it’s ok to just sit up.The cushions are not thick. It’s decent comfort but not what we’d call comfie.The wood is light and cheap. If your looking for something to last more then a year or two then go someplace else. I will consider us lucky to get 2 years of use if we baby it.Overall it’s just meh. It’s ok. Could be alot better…could be worse. Purchase at your own risk.

  8. Gyroscoper Ed

    Comfy SofaI’m really pleased I ordered this couch! The quality for the price point is awesome. I couldn’t find the quality for this price in a furniture store. In fact, it’s better quality than many I found for much, much more! I will say this is more blue than gray. I actually like it better. 🙂 I ordered it not expecting the quality that it is. I have read some negative reviews and don’t understand them. I almost didn’t order it because of those reviews. The fabric seems like it will last some time (there’s only me, now) and the frame is sturdy. There are only a few negatives for me, that is: 1) You can see daylight between the two sections near the seat cushions where the two sections connect, and 2) The legs of the sofa are plastic. I would think they would supply wooden legs. You really can’t tell just looking at it. One reviewer said he went to the home improvement store and purchased wood ones. At some point I probably will, too just because I’m a wood guy. I am really glad I did go ahead and order it!

  9. Bernice

    Buyers be informed. Look great from the front, but not from the backside as picture indicateI purchased theHONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Set L-Shape Sofa Couch Set 4 Seat Sofa Sectional with Storage Ottoman for Living Room,Bluish Grey (Sectional+Hydraulic Rod Ottoman). I received all 4 boxes with in three days from when I ordered. If you give the cushions and pillows time to completely rise, this sofa looks just like picture, however the back side is not like the 360 view on line. The actual back consist of two pcs. with split in fabric which creates a gap. I would rather have flexibility in placement of the sofa, for a open surround view as the on line 360 picture view indicate, which has a solid full back, no split backside view. I’m not happy about the appearance of the split backside section. The fabric is only on one side of both the seat cushions and back pillows, therefore the seat cushions and back pillows can not be flip over to keep the appearance of a fluffed and comfortable sofa overtime. My family need the comfort for TV viewing at least for the time the sofa will last. If you are not seating directly on the bottom cushion, you will experience your bottom side feeling the wood inside the base frame. If this is your must have sofa for the price, you might consider that the sofa is low profile and may need to change the legs to elevate the seating if taller than 5’4″. The color and fabric is very nice and the frame is sturdy. For a location that will be used daily this sofa may not last more than a year. Both ottomans has shallow storage compartments. You truly get what you pay for but not worth the price. Easy to assemble only with help of U-tube video. I did not receive any instructions. I’m thinking about sending the sofa back If I can find a place that will shrink-wrap the cushions and pillows so they can fit in the original boxes. I will update post regarding the return process if I decided to send back.

  10. Barbara J. MacArthur

    Very comfortable and stylish for the price.This piece is perfect for a sitting room off my master bedroom. It is well-made and the cushions are quite comfortable, leaning toward the firm side. Everything was relatively easy to assemble, and instructions were clear. Recommend.

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