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Fun Facts about Slip Covers

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Did you know before air-conditioning, white cotton slipcovers were used to drape furniture in order to cool the environment? Actually, slipcovers have been around since medieval times.In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, furniture was so scarce that it was moved around from room to room. Most pieces were made out of hard woods. Cushions or chair pads were used to ease the hardness of a wooden stool or chair.In addition to comfort, chair pads came in colorful patterns-adding color to often drab and sparse interiors. These chair pads were used in both poor and wealthy homes. In wealthy homes in 18th century England, tailored slipcovers were used to protect fine furnishings. Often simple slipcovers were used over rare and expensive silk brocades.In the 19th century, slipcovers were commonly used in all households. In both America and Europe, brightly colored slipcovers served a dual purpose. They were used as decorative coverings and as a shield against dirt and sunlight.The first slipcovers were custom made. Immigrants brought the slipcover trade to America. Tailors would go to people's homes to cut the right amount of material for a custom made slipcover. They would bring the cut fabric back to their shop to sew.Today,, the leading manufacturer of slipcovers, creates ready-made designs that fit most furniture styles. Keeping with tradition, these slipcovers protect furniture from dirt and sunlight. They also can change the look of a room within minutes. From casual to dressy, sells a complete line of one-piece slipcovers for sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, wingback chairs, wingback sofas, wingback loveseats, ottomans, and dining room chairs. (more about the history of slip covers)